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AIRMYTH was a brand from UK. Which was established in 1969 for HVAC and lighting products. AIRMYTH's head office was in HK and had several branches in Southeast Asia. The main market were HK and southeast Asia. Due to the financial crisis in 1997, The whole company and business was sold to Mr.Wang from HK. After that, Airmyth closed lighting business and focus on HVAC.

After financial crisis, the china mainland economy developed rapidly and huge demand for HVAC prodcuts.


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Our History

With decades of development and efforts, nowadays AIRMYTH become a international HVAC manufacture and supplyer.

Our History
Our Factory

Our Factory

Our factory production capacity is 8 million sets different kinds of air conditioner per year.


With more than 20 years efforts, we have successfully developed domestic air conditioner, commercial air conditioner and industrial air conditioner.